Work in Progress: Shangai

La Fura has been articulating over 25 years and adapting to different participants, different teaching experiences aiming to renew the stage languages.


The God Vulcano of 9 meters of height, inspired by Roman mythology, god of fire and volcanoes reached the Olympic torch to light the fire of the Central American Games.


Parsifal is certainly a work that has been dissected, which has attracted intellectuals, hated and loved. But it still remains an enigma. The contact points with The Birth of Tragedy Nietzsche are several, born of the same historical context and both question the most sacred principle of modernity: the dogma

Erwartung & Il Prigionero

Two short pieces of dodecaphony joined in one program. An objective: penetrating into the human mind. This is a possible dialogue between Arnold Schoenberg, the creator of twelve-tone music, and his first Italian disciple, Luigi Dallapiccola. In Erwartung a woman desperate search for her lover in the woods in an

Samson y Dalila

The Myth of Samson could be currently a metaphor of the clipping that has been cut the welfare state prisoner of its debt. Samson have lost his long hair, Dalila has cut it of their materialists  passions and have gouged his eyes with which he could look at the millions

Ein Parzival

In occasion of the 200th birthday of the composer Richard Wagner, La Fura dels Baus will held the Festival opening Musiktheater Linz am Volksgarten with their macro-show Ein Parzival inspired by Wagner’s Ring of Nibelung.

Un Ballo in Maschera

The first Verdi stage direction of Àlex Ollé is set in the near future. Inspired by George Orwell’s 1984, one can imagine the worst possible landscapes. The current economic crisis has caused the collapse of society we know it today. Power has closed in itself, in a form of a

La memoria del grito

Remake of the most spectacular actions created at the beginning of the Company merged with the latest sceneries for great format aerial operations.


To celebrate the centenary of l’Arena di Verona and on the occasion of the birth of Giuseppe Verdi, La Fura dels Baus opens “Centanario Festival 2013”. Padrissa Carlus Alex Ollé and sign their version of Aida, opera par excellence of the Arena.


Keeping the names of the main characters of the novel Les Liaisons dangereuses, Heiner Müller wrote a version of this work to talk about control, manipulation, power and the distance from the decadent aristocracy from the world surrounding it.

L’Ésser del Mil·lenni

For the 2013 New Year’s Eve celebration, La Fura organize a massive party in Barcelona. The result was a macro-performance that exceeds all expectations for audience: more than 70,000 people participated in the event. 


Dreams is a project that aims to stage a ludic-therapeutic element through the theatrical action called “Human Net”.