In 2046 Europe is completely under Chinese rule. More than 30 years, China  had rescued Europe from a financial crisis by buying up the debt, the ownership and natural resources. China is now the new world power. Turandot, the princess of ice control, as “Big Brother” every European, in order

Orfeo ed Euridice Cinema

The singer Orpheus entices with her extraordinary voice gods to allow him todescend into hell to rescue his wife Eurydice, but the gods put one condition:you can not look at the face until you return to the surface of the earth.

Prometheus Awakes

Prometheus Awakes will inspire audiences with extraordinary stagecraft, giant puppets, mass choreography and special effects. Prometheus Awakes will be the first ever large-scale outdoor theatre production in this country that is led by disabled artists.

ORESTEÏA (indoor)

As a way to overcome the curse upon the house of Agamemnon. Death finds rest in the roots of the tree and in turn the life explodes in its branches.

The Hidden City

Music, light and action, there,  between an unwanted building and a megalomaniac and cannibal city that persists, surviving, eternal, as always.

Macaron de caza

La Fura dels Baus of Mugaritz and repeat again and dare into the culinary world. Under the section Zinema Culinary of San Sebastian Festival, the Fura with the collaboration of the chef Andoni Luis Aduriz, screened a short film which the world of gastronomy and music come together to create

Tempo de Encontros

O ”Berço da nação” é o ponto de partida para uma reflexão no sentido indutivo sobre a identidade,sobre a memória e sobre o futuro. Uma reflexão que parte da cidade, da sua História e das sua histórias, dos seus habitantes e que se abre numa perspectiva internacional e global retornando