Sonntag aus Licht

Stockhausen’s Sonntag Aus Licht (Sunday of light) is the seventh day of the “Light cycle” devoted to the days of the week. La Fura dels Baus has designed this cosmogonic opera as a fantastic ceremonial, different times and stages as the duality between flesh and spirit.

Rainbow Drops

Rainbow Drops is a show with a will of union to relate the Korean culture and Mediterranean culture. Through using huge set elements, we will recreate, symbolically, two different ways of living and of understanding the world. Many lives, many styles blended in a great party.

ORESTEÏA (outdoor)

Oresteia is a carrier of the most horrible suffering, while destroying the logic of individual and confronts the man with the anxious and fear limitlessness, but also the greatest pleasure.

Tristan et Isolde

Friendship, alchemy and the chance will modify the course of the desires of the antagonists turning them into protagonists. The idea of the love into his purer form and the obliged coat of the moon that lovers use,  forces us to think about the contemporaneousness of the romantic ideology.

Orfeo ed Euridice

250 years after Gluck’s reformed and laid the foundations of classical opera, it’s time perhaps to take another step forward: the orchestra playing, moving and acting on stage. The Orfeo lyre will be, for our views, like a giant lyre made by 40 musicians as if they were one of

Terra Baixa Reload

Based on the play by Angel Guimerà It is a spectacle of Fura investigating the interaction between realactors and actresses with virtual actors and actresses who appear inthe raw recordings from the movie TERRA BAIXA, directed by Isidro Ortiz and produced by the Television of Catalonia and FAUSTO productions.


There is an abyss opened in front of us, mere finite human beings, when we admit that there exists an elastic and elliptical time which defies the notion we have of the temporality of the world that surrounds us.

La 2 Notícias

A striking news on a fictitious idea where the banks deliver his benefits to the states to finish with the crisis.

Trilogía Romana

This is about seeing the bright lines that give off the sound waves produced by the symphonic orchestra and about reinterpret, at the same time, the ideas that passed through the head of Respighi while composing the three great scores. Music and light, motion and pictures. A correspondences game between


Keeping the names of the main characters of the novel Les Liaisons dangereuses, Heiner Müller wrote a version of this work to talk about control, manipulation, power and the distance from the decadent aristocracy from the world surrounding it.