The Experience

A rite invented now, with the memory of our own culture, together with the memory learnt from other people. A modern ritual that wants to be object to learn how touching things.


In Tannhäuser is also useful struggle between art – Academy, custom, consumer-clan commitment and visionary art that feeds only its own need. And there’s also the violent confrontation between a regulated company or obedient to their codes, which can not be violated without serious consequences for the social body, and

Flores Cósmicas

Flores Cósmicas is not only an urban performance, but also the biggest street showcasing of the two greatest artistic creators of the moment: La Fura dels Baus and Comediants.


A show full of lights and colours where count with were accompanied bay the the Orchestra Viva Musica, the choir ALEA, and the soprano Adriana Kučerová for the inaugurations of the most modern gallery in Bratislava.

Window of the City

“Window of the City” is a show especially created for the Shanghai Universal Exposition. Based on the theme ” Better City, Better Life “, we have created a trip across the time and the space in which we discover that the key to improve the cities is the interaction between

Degustación de Titus Andrónicus

Degustación de Titus Andrónicus is a new challenge for the company. Returning to our origins, the spectator interacts with the spectacle sharing the same space. Two chefs are cooking at the kitchen during the whole play. The spectator is stimulated in their five senses. Only 28 people could be part

Global Rheingold

Global Rheingold is a tribute to Richard Wagner with a nod to the cartographer Gerhard Mercator, who lived in Duisburg from 1552 until his death in 1594 and where he created the main part of his life’s work. At the same time, the show includes the Concordias’s giant figure of


This is the first TV spot done by La Fura dels Baus. Thanks to the collaboration with KH Lloreda leader in the sector.


Event commemorating the 550 anniversary of the death of a great navigator: the Infante Don Enrique. A show made for travel around the great discoveries.


La Fura, and the Ukrainian theater group Brakha Dhaka, opens the IV Festival of Contemporary Art, Gogolfest. Multiverse represents the multiple universes that constitute a single unit in which time, space, energy and matter are merged.


The show has two different parts: outdoor and indoor. For the outdoor,we will be based on the following concepts: balance, gravity, magic and harmony. In the inside part, we will represent the four seasons that Vremena Goda has in its name.