Pep Gatell

Triton Fountain


A city where giants were built receives a visit from an interstellar ship looking for its’ memories. A fountain that doesn’t sprout, flying objects, fire and torches.


ØBS is a rereading of the William Shakespeare’s classic Macbeth. This version by La Fura dels Baus uses a small part of the original text and incorporates a series of other texts. Nevertheless, Macbeth’s plot structure is completely maintained, as well as the characters and their vicissitudes.

Work in Progress: Shangai

La Fura has been articulating over 25 years and adapting to different participants, different teaching experiences aiming to renew the stage languages.



The first smartshow history illustrates the most prominent features of the cities of the future, the coveted smart cities.

Degustación de Titus Andrónicus

Degustación de Titus Andrónicus is a new challenge for the company. Returning to our origins, the spectator interacts with the spectacle sharing the same space. Two chefs are cooking at the kitchen during the whole play. The spectator is stimulated in their five senses. Only 28 people could be part

L’Ésser del Mil·lenni

For the 2013 New Year’s Eve celebration, La Fura organize a massive party in Barcelona. The result was a macro-performance that exceeds all expectations for audience: more than 70,000 people participated in the event.