Miki Espuma

Free Bach 212, CD


Music album of the free version of the Baukernkantate (Peasant Cantata) BWV.212 of JS Bach by La Fura dels Baus.

Un paseo de veinte años


Un paseo de veinte años specially designed for the Festival Etnosur in Alcalá la Real (Jaén), one of the oldest summer proposals of Spain. A walk through these twenty years of  experiences. A great theatrical dance that will tour the city and includes the cosmic awakening of a giant doll

The Beat in the Dark

The beat in the dark is the beating of the forest. A show in the center of the Danube river in the city of Budapest, when the night is falling down, when the beasts are moving back.


Orígens is a conference-installation where the 30 years of history of La Fura dels Baus are explained with a sample of Accions, the first show of the company premiered in 1984.

The Experience

A rite invented now, with the memory of our own culture, together with the memory learnt from other people. A modern ritual that wants to be object to learn how touching things.

Rainbow Drops

Rainbow Drops is a show with a will of union to relate the Korean culture and Mediterranean culture. Through using huge set elements, we will recreate, symbolically, two different ways of living and of understanding the world. Many lives, many styles blended in a great party.



A video installation related to success and failure. Free electronic version based on The Soldier’s Tale. Music from Igor Stravinsky. Texts by Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz.

L’Ésser del Mil·lenni

For the 2013 New Year’s Eve celebration, La Fura organize a massive party in Barcelona. The result was a macro-performance that exceeds all expectations for audience: more than 70,000 people participated in the event.