Jürgen Müller

DNA – La Fura dels Baus


DNA – La Fura dels Baus is a mix in 2016 of the best scenes of the Furan language from the origins of the company. So, the show will recover moments of legendary shows that catapulted La Fura dels Baus, such as Accions or Suz/O/Suz.

Infierno Sabroso


With a show especially created for Just for laughs Festival, La Fura Dels Baus invites you to a unique and unforgettable journey. La Place des festivals will be the setting of a downward spiral to hell: off-beat, disproportionate and festive. Gigantic 50 meters-high net, oversized Ferris wheel and an enormous

Turn On The Lights


Turn on the Lights is an eminent visual and poetic act that combines kinetic images and vibrant sounds. It will represent the process of the inner search within the human being, the awareness about the process that, day after day, will help the human being to conceive the world with a



The first smartshow history illustrates the most prominent features of the cities of the future, the coveted smart cities.


Following in the footsteps of other performances using Furan language, Imperium offers a symbolic look at the key aspects of an apparently free society.

It is a co-production with El Grec Festival de Barcelona – Institut de Cultura, Ajuntament de Barcelona.


La Fura, and the Ukrainian theater group Brakha Dhaka, opens the IV Festival of Contemporary Art, Gogolfest. Multiverse represents the multiple universes that constitute a single unit in which time, space, energy and matter are merged.


The show has two different parts: outdoor and indoor. For the outdoor,we will be based on the following concepts: balance, gravity, magic and harmony. In the inside part, we will represent the four seasons that Vremena Goda has in its name.