Carlus Padrissa

Norma o L’infanticidi


A genealogical tree which breaks, an altar, a Rock and a ritual brew. Air, fire, earth, wars, betrayals, bravery, unsubdued feelings and sensuality.

Die Soldaten


An opera as Zimmermanns would have imagined it in 1957: in a totally immersive way, 360º.

Terra Nova


An apocalyptic scenario. The world government under President Ruler has not been able to prevent the exploitation and step-by-step destruction of the Earth. A specific utopia. A chance at surviving in outer space.

Benvenuto Cellini



The wicked deceitful tongue of a terrible adversary of mine, easily achieved to annoy your holiness

Cantos de Sirena


Music is particularly aware of this potency, directly targeting human senses and emotions. The new music theater production by La Fura dels Baus tells of the siren’s call in an unreal fantasy world, just as theatre naturally conjures up time and again.



Blood is gushing forth in the barrack square. Elektra is biding her time.



The first smartshow history illustrates the most prominent features of the cities of the future, the coveted smart cities.

Die Walkure

The most popular opera of the tetralogy Der Ring des Nibelungen. Carlus Padrissa is the scenic director, and winner of 7 international awards, among them Franco Abbiati Prize Musicale Italiana della Critica or ICMA-International Classical Music Awards 2011 -made by critics from 10 countries- is probably the closest to the


La Fura dels Baus has to Wagner all the wisdom gained. This time the results have exceeded expectations. “Wagner fits well into our philosophy, said Padrissa today would understand the Tetralogy of two ways: predation suicidal in nature, and the man’s identity crisis mediatised”.

Les Troyens

“The Trojans are viruses that enter into our operating system, destroying all the information” well defined Carlus Padrissa scenic director of Hector Berlioz’s opera based on Virgil’s Aeneid, foundational work of the Roman Empire.


RES is a show of small format that is a tribute to that after three decades have been the two most important contributions to the theatrical scene: the acting force and interaction with the audience.


In Tannhäuser is also useful struggle between art – Academy, custom, consumer-clan commitment and visionary art that feeds only its own need. And there’s also the violent confrontation between a regulated company or obedient to their codes, which can not be violated without serious consequences for the social body, and

Window of the City

“Window of the City” is a show especially created for the Shanghai Universal Exposition. Based on the theme ” Better City, Better Life “, we have created a trip across the time and the space in which we discover that the key to improve the cities is the interaction between

Global Rheingold

Global Rheingold is a tribute to Richard Wagner with a nod to the cartographer Gerhard Mercator, who lived in Duisburg from 1552 until his death in 1594 and where he created the main part of his life’s work. At the same time, the show includes the Concordias’s giant figure of

ORESTEÏA (outdoor)

Oresteia is a carrier of the most horrible suffering, while destroying the logic of individual and confronts the man with the anxious and fear limitlessness, but also the greatest pleasure.

Carmina Burana

Music and theatre, a show of senses, vital and energetic that is aimed at a new audience, from music lovers to fans of the performance arts. More information is available on the official website.

L’Ésser del Mil·lenni

For the 2013 New Year’s Eve celebration, La Fura organize a massive party in Barcelona. The result was a macro-performance that exceeds all expectations for audience: more than 70,000 people participated in the event.