‘PAX’: an immersive experience by La Fura at the Klangwolke 2018 in Linz

Published 22/08/2018

Tradition is revolution. La Fura dels Baus¬†-with the colaboration of the guest artist Mihael Milunovic-returns to Austria to perform PAX: a multimedia and interactive show in which the history of humanity is presented as a dreamlike visualization. The audience will be surrounded in 360¬ļ by incredible elements that will be transported by land, water and air. It will be at the Klangwolke 2018: next Saturday, September 8, at 8pm, at the Donaupark in Linz (Austria), with free admission.

A giant carrier pigeon built with 12 meter long light tubes, which represents the human tradition of communicating de­spite distance, and in that moment, the au­dience will be able to send text messages that will be instantly projected in the dif­ferent elements that appear in the show. And if we were revolutionaries, if we were able to be that, it was because we had once loved and absorbed even those values against which we now reacted. We supported our-selves firmly on them in order to brace ourselves for the perilous leap forward to meet our destiny. Thus it should not surprise you that a poet who began as a surrealist today pres-ents a defence of tradition. Tradition and revolution: here are two words which are identical.