‘M.U.R.S.’ on stage at La Villette from 9 to 27 June

Published 01/06/2015

M.U.R.S., the latest production of La Fura dels Baus, will continue its international tour in Paris at  La Villette from 9 to 27 of June. The mysterious and innovative structure of M.U.R.S. will be erected in Paris, inviting to a digital world that is sure to surprise and amaze.

The first smart show in history with the unmistakable signature of La Fura, M.U.R.S. returns in France after their groundbreaking performances in Spain, Hong Kong and Holland. Technological development in the modern age has shaped individuals, businesses and the economy and transformed many aspects of urban life, manifesting the notion of ‘smart cities’. Staging now in Paris, which has also seen the transformation of a society given rise by technological and informational revolution, M.U.R.S. will present a theatrical experience that inspires people to rethink the role of a citizen of a Smart City.

In the Smart City M.U.R.S. will pose questions to those who experience a 2.0 installation in living in a new model of democracy. It will be akin to living in a typical city, with real-world premises, namely economy, mobility, ecology, citizenship, governance and digital life. Participants’ smart phone will be the guide that takes them onto a journey into the unknown.

Ticketing and programme details are now available at the show’s official website. The interactive performance will be conducted in Spanish.