‘Temptacions’, an intimate show of La Fura dels Baus in Barcelona

Published 10/07/2014

After the shocking M.U.R.S. in the Montjuïc Castle that opened the Grec Festival, La Fura returns to Barcelona to release a much more intimate production: Temptacions, an innovative show in a more minimalist format, a video installation that swings mischievously between success and failure.

Adapted to the times of crisis we face, Miki Espuma invented this electronic and free update of a soldier’s story of Igor Stravinsky with texts by Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz. The play takes place through a single actress and immersive video images, which ends up being a very personal and contemporary version of the same idea as Stravinsky drew from Russian literature. A story transported to the present with a wink to the Faustian Myth.
If the original story is about a poor soldier deserter who sells his soul to the devil for wealth (a book that reveals the future), in this case, the sale is made to the devil in exchange for absolute success in social media and society consumption. As in Stravinsky’s version, the soldier will notice that this change does not fill or make him happy and he sinks into the most absolute misery.
The three geometric-pyramids, sphere forms and cubes present in the scene generate various metaphorical meanings. The human being is surrounded by stimuli that question, and judge, ultimately leading to success or failure. Acts are decisions. And so, the attitude towards society produce the following result: the crucifixion in front of the world.
Miki Espuma, music director of most of the projects of La Fura dels Baus, and David Cid, director of image and collaborating on other projects of La Fura, present us this work in small-scale but high content. A production not indifferent to the viewer. It will be in Teatre Principal on the 15th, 16th and 17th of July, with a daily dual function (19:30 and 21:30). You can purchase tickets for the show through Ticketmaster.