‘LEAVeS’: Refugees take over the scene at the Èpica Foundation

Published 25/09/2018

LEAVeSa project by the association La FORTeRESse and the EU Collective Plays based on the experiences of refugees, made an artistic residency at the Èpica Foundation from September 10 to 16. The complete documentation of the workshop can be found on Èpica Foundation website: from the first exercises and warm-ups to the final performance.

La FORTeRESse’s intention was to take the original text and make it jump into action through a polivocal work with the invited artists and the methodology of the Èpica Foundation. In this way, a play about refugees’ voices and identities became a real journey for the audience, who was forced to live their experiences firsthand: from being divided into first, second and third class according to their passports until undergoing bombings, going through minefields and trips in clandestine boats, and culminating in a great celebration on the Plastic Island, where pollution is the only hope for human life.