La Fura dels Baus will touch the sky at the Wilderness Festival with ‘Blending (in the air)’

Published 01/08/2015

Next Saturday, August 8th, La Fura dels Baus will touch the sky with Blending (in the air), the new vertiginous macro-performance led by furan Miki Espuma. And this performance, one of the thousands of large format by La Fura, has been created exclusively for Wilderness Festival: One of Britain´s most important festivals, a benchmark of art, music, cuisine and debate with location in Oxfordshire, one of the most vital university centers of the UK.

The large-scale show Blending (in the air) aims to create a powerful synergy between music and art with ia blend of Spanish and English origins. For this reason, the show will feature and combine flamenco singer Ginesa Ortega, as well as a collaboration with the interpretation of the Wilderness Festival orchestra and the English choir Deep Throat. Additionally, sixty English actors will shape the original idea and the spectacle of La Fura dels Baus.

Light. Pace. Height. Vertigo: Blending (in the air). A frantic spectacle, not suitable for the sensitive and that surely will not leave anyone indifferent.