La Fura dels Baus is embarking on the project EU Collective Plays

Published 01/11/2015

La Fura dels Baus continues to grow and is now doing it so by collaborating in the project Eu Collective Plays. The program is aimed at promoting the creation of works as a result of a collaboration in different voices, among playwrights of different nationalities until 2019. These artists come together and cooperate in order to create an organic narrative structure, but with different perspectives, styles, strategies, and languages. In addition, the project also aims to strengthen international artists companies. The program includes conferences, workshops, testing with actors and applying technology to interact with the audience.
Although the Fura has never been distinguished by the use of texts in their language, the plays of the company always carry implicit text in it’s representations: La Fura expresses itself by it’s representation, not always through recitation. It’s for this motive that the 2015 Eu Collective bets on La Fura dels Baus in order to enrich the result through an artist who has a way of working based more on very specific and elaborative texts. In the case of La Fura, the projectl with EU Collective Plays will use the memory as an essential basis for the work.

The first result of this experiment is Temptacions, led by Miki Espuma, the most musical member of La Fura dels Baus. This video installation is based on a memorial tale legend about a pact with the devil. A concept that recurs repeatedly in different ways in the history of world literature, from shamans who communicate with spirits to reputed masterpieces of European literature as Goethe’s Faust himself or Dr. Faustus by Thomas Mann..