La Fura dels Baus will participate in the concert for the refugees of Casa Nostra, Casa Vostra

Published 11/01/2017


The large solidarity concert for refugees promoted by the Casa Nostra, Casa Vostra entity at Palau Sant Jordi on Saturday, February 11th will feature about fifty artists, including Los Chichos, Antonio Orozco, Amaral, Txarango, Sopa de Cabra, Roger Mas and Paco Ibáñez. To the already announced Luís Llach, Sílvia Bel, Manolo García, Macaco and Sílvia Pérez Cruz, the following artists have been added Txarango, Joan Dausà, Marina Rossell, Isma Serrano, Santi Balmes, Lax’n Busto, Gossos, Elena Gadel, Sara Pi, Andrea Motis, Aziza Brahim, Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra, Feras Almalat, Ist African Gospel Choir and Cheb Balowski, among others; In addition, the poster will feature amazing new additions.

La Fura dels Baus will provide the event with the stage direction led by Carlus Padrissa, inspired by the massive Mediterranean festivals, so that it will have a molecular stage composed of 36 balloons as small cores that will join each other by making shapes, energized by a choir composed of 50 people dressed as refugees led by Daniel Mestre and the Orquesta Simfònica de l’Esmuc.

According to Padrissa, El Quijote already indicated that Barcelona is a host city, but it is also where he found death; In fact, it has observed the violence of the Mediterranean sea for over 5,000 years, a sea of ​​blood and much suffering.