La Fura dels Baus wishes you a happy 2017: the year of the Fire Rooster

Published 30/12/2016

La Fura dels Baus closes its 37th year of life with the satisfaction of having continued to create shows and presenting them worldwide. Just as in the beginning, La Fura is still eager to experiment, learn and offer unique experiences to the spectators attending their works. The good time of the company is evident watching the diversity of shows that have been made throughout the year.

Without going any further, this year a total of 7 performances have been released added to the continuity of works that continue to tour from previous years. And, during the year 2016 that is now ending, La Fura has opened new horizons and has played shows in places as diverse as Brazil, China, Chile, Colombia, United States, without neglecting locations in Europe such as Germany, Italy, Austria, France or Britain.

Monumental operas, macro-events for posterity, a show that recovers scenes with the essential Furan language of the origins of the company, an ethological and philosophical documentary about Mugaritz presented at the Berlinale, the free version of Bach’s Baukernkantate, or creating Èpica: a multidisciplinary learning environment for the performing arts by La Fura dels Baus. Without going any further, this year La Fura dels Baus has had a total of about 400,000 spectators.

Despite these positive data, economically, La Fura closes the year with a loss of 2% compared to the turnover achieved. La Fura dels Baus doesn’t receive any kind of aid from institutions and is forced to self-finance the entire structure with the difficulties that that entails in terms of economic balance.

However, these and many other ingredients added to La Fura’s continuing will to grow, to experience and present their work in all corners of the planet, they successfully complete the year 2016. All this with the conviction that 2017, which is already peeking around the corner, appears even more promising.

Happy 2017!