La Fura dels Baus will inaugurate the 11º Festival Internacional de Ballet de Cali

Published 06/06/2018

La Fura dels Baus will close the presentation of the 11° Festival Internacional de Ballet de Cali. It will be next Saturday, June 9, at 7pm at the Plaza de Toros Cañaveralejo, with free admission. Miki Espuma, the most musical Furan of the company, has designed Un sueño blanco en el aire, a special and unrepeatable show for the occasion.

White dancers will accompany the audience among the trees, dancing with strength and releasing white energy. On the way everything will be smells, party and hope. They will reach the plain, happy, looking for their white angel: their Icarus, protean and winged. They will surrender their love, their admiration and their hope. And they will start the flight. With an infinite and impossible dance that the spectators will never forget