Inauguration of the Festival TNT in Terrassa with the Human Net ‘Dreams’

Published 24/08/2017

La Fura dels Baus, with its emblematic Human Net Dreams, will inaugurate the Festival TNT of Terrassa next Wednesday, September 27th. The show, directed by the furan Pera Tantiñà, will take place at 8:15 pm at the Plaça Nova in Terrassa.


Dreams is a project that aims to stage a ludic-therapeutic element through the theatrical action called “Human Net”. The objective is the cohesion and team work between people with learning disabilities and therapists, creating an emotional and closeness connection in an environment different and unique, through a challenge. DREAMS is a stimulating change among the people involved. The Human Net is the name that La Fura has chosen to refer to a scenographic element able to generate aerial choreographies involving a great number of participants.

The spectacularity of this element is defined by the sum of its possibilities of transformation and the performance of the actors suspended. From the vision of the audience, the net creates a complete impact, is the result of the mechanics and the gestural part, proposes a very elaborated metaphor that has to do with the reunion, with the complementary, with the joining forces, with all the human structures that we represent like a net and connection (genoma, nervous tissue, union, participation,…)