Àlex Ollé reinterprets ‘Il Trovatore’ at the De Nederlandse Opera in Amsterdam

Published 30/09/2015

Director Àlex Ollé reinterprets Il Trovatore, one of the most popular operas of the composer Giuseppe Verdi. 175 minutes of emotion, love, revenge, deceit, blood and death. Passed through the Fura’s lens to gestate this new production that will be released on October 8 at De Nederlandse Opera in Amsterdam. The opera will be performed in Amsterdam on 8 occasions between October 8 and November 1. Il Trovatore, sung in Italian-and subtitled-, is a coproduction of De Nederlandse Opera and the Opéra National of Paris (where it will also be performed starting January 31).

The excessive passions that yielded to the public from the time of Verdi, mirror of the spirit of the Romantic era, resonate in this contemporary setting, obviously. But the axis of this proposal puts the emphasis on the war, and in this case a war between brothers where irrational actions, without space for reflection, are credible.

A long and exhausting war of trenches where wanders a ghostly human landscape. The nonsense of the hatred of the soldiers and the four protagonists advances in its passionate story of love and revenge, that it is at last possible. The stage evolves into the public eye and it is inspired by the First World War, that hundred-year old conflict that, supposedly, would never again to repeat.

Tickets for the show are now available for purchase on the official website of the De Nederlandse Opera.