Staged perfomances


F@ust 3.0

With this performance, based on the work of the same name by Goethe and conceived for a conventional theater space, La Fura for the first time approaches the eternally dissatisfied figure of Faust, that is, for many, a symbol of cutting-edge art.


Constructed from a basis of texts by Federico García Lorca, Ombra proposes a closer look at the poet’s life, a lyrical autopsy set to music, of one of the most important creative figures of the 20th century. An intimist performance that demonstrates the versatility of the Furan system of codes.


A loose re-reading of the Marquis de Sade’s Philosophy in the Bedroom conceived to be performed in a traditional Italiante theater, and which brings together elements of cabaret and the interactive world of the Internet. Polemic and provocative, XXX offers a rupturist view of pornography as a phenomenon.

Las Troyanas

An immortal denunciation of war, of wars, that 3,500 years later is still completely timely. This performance, co-directed by Jürgen Müller (La Fura dels Baus) and Irene Papas, offered a valuable re-reading of Euripides’s classic.


A free version of Franz Kafka’s classic that proposes an exploration of the keys that define the differentiation of the individual through isolation and dehumanization. The paradox is that all we are left with is escape, an escape into ourselves that distances us more and more from the rest of


RES is a show of small format that is a tribute to that after three decades have been the two most important contributions to the theatrical scene: the acting force and interaction with the audience.

Terra Baixa Reload

Based on the play by Angel Guimerà It is a spectacle of Fura investigating the interaction between realactors and actresses with virtual actors and actresses who appear inthe raw recordings from the movie TERRA BAIXA, directed by Isidro Ortiz and produced by the Television of Catalonia and FAUSTO productions.



A video installation related to success and failure. Free electronic version based on The Soldier’s Tale. Music from Igor Stravinsky. Texts by Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz.