Furan language



¿Is there life before death?

Death is a mystery. Some believe that it is the end and are distressed by that belief. Others believe that it is the beginning of something and live their lives more content.

OBIT is not fiction, it is reality. OBIT is not a show, it’s an experience.


ØBS is a rereading of the William Shakespeare’s classic Macbeth. This version by La Fura dels Baus uses a small part of the original text and incorporates a series of other texts. Nevertheless, Macbeth’s plot structure is completely maintained, as well as the characters and their vicissitudes.

DNA – La Fura dels Baus


DNA – La Fura dels Baus is a mix in 2016 of the best scenes of the Furan language from the origins of the company. So, the show will recover moments of legendary shows that catapulted La Fura dels Baus, such as Accions or Suz/O/Suz.


After the premiere of a first showcaseof the show, on October 20, 1983 at a level crossing in Sitges, Accions was set the following spring under the Cycle of Teatre Obert in Barcelona. Accions raises many elements that eventually will consolidate the theatrical language of La Fura dels Baus. Without



The first smartshow history illustrates the most prominent features of the cities of the future, the coveted smart cities.


Although we cannot concretely establish a date for the moment that La Fura dels Baus was founded, 1979 is the year most frequently associated with the group’s formation.


Suz/O/Suz investigates the idea of primordial man, who plays, discovers, creates myth and language. With this performance La Fura dels Baus became a cult theater group, a true international sensation.

Tier Mon

The “Furan language” is already displayed in perfect working order in this show, which evolves out of the successes of Accions and Suz / O / Suz. Tier Mon explores the territory of relationships between the individual and power, using a cyclical idea of time as a starting point.


Chaos must be articulated in order to complete its primordial function, which is to generate life. La Fura takes its staging to the next level, combining video, music and technological elements for the first time.


MTM didn’t just talk about manipulation, it put it into practice. Starting from an apparently neutral stage setting, La Fura constructed an allegory of the manipulation exerted on private citizens by the powers that be.



Taking the concept of cultural diversity as a conceptual starting point, Manes develops different metaphors about basic elements of birth, death, sex and food. This performance continues investigation the essence of “Furan language”.


Following in the footsteps of other performances using Furan language, Imperium offers a symbolic look at the key aspects of an apparently free society.

It is a co-production with El Grec Festival de Barcelona – Institut de Cultura, Ajuntament de Barcelona.

Degustación de Titus Andrónicus

Degustación de Titus Andrónicus is a new challenge for the company. Returning to our origins, the spectator interacts with the spectacle sharing the same space. Two chefs are cooking at the kitchen during the whole play. The spectator is stimulated in their five senses. Only 28 people could be part