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The amazing show by DJ Nano with the Transformer by La Fura dels Baus



Everything is at the service of The Creature, to bring the public closer to an old story, with new eyes.

Karl V.


The last emperor to hold to the idea of a Christian empire in which the sun never set



When the human being will be capable of controlling all the natural energy, it would be released from the new forms of slavery and become an absolute artist.


Premiere of ‘Free Bach 212’ in Croatia

The company will perform the free version of the ‘Peasant Cantata’ of Bach will at next 7th of December at the Concert Hall Vatroslav Lisinskyi in Zagreb



A battlefield which evokes the eternal fight between good and evil.

Human Seed


The kernels from the flower of life begin to grow and humanity germinated from the human seeds.

Die Soldaten


An opera as Zimmermanns would have imagined it in 1957: in a totally immersive way, 360º.

Histoire du soldat


While returning to his country, a poor soldier walks with his violin. He finds himself with the Devil, who offers him to change the instrument for a magic book with which he can make a fortune.

Pelléas et Mélisande


Conceived as an impossible accumulation of questions and answers, this staging materializes in the form of a black box: the great enigma, in fact, modern metaphor of the human mind.



Taking the concept of cultural diversity as a conceptual starting point, Manes develops different metaphors about basic elements of birth, death, sex and food. This performance continues investigation the essence of “Furan language”.

El martiri de Sant Sebastià

Debussy composed this unique opera for a libretto by D’Annunzio that tells the story of St. Sebastian’s unique journey to martyrdom. La Fura staged this “symbolic musical mystery”, re-elaborating, also symbolically, the images originally suggested by the text.

Carmina Burana

Music and theatre, a show of senses, vital and energetic that is aimed at a new audience, from music lovers to fans of the performance arts. More information is available on the official website.


Dreams is a project that aims to stage a ludic-therapeutic element through the theatrical action called “Human Net”.

Human Net

The Human Net is the name La Fura dels Baus has chosen to refer to a theatrical element capable of generating aerial choreography in which a large number of participants are involved.