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Premiere of ‘Free Bach 212’ in Úbeda

The company will perform the free version of the ‘Peasant Cantata’ of Bach will close the 30º Festival Internacional de Música y Danza Ciudad de Úbeda next 16th of June

Die Soldaten


An opera as Zimmermanns would have imagined it in 1957: in a totally immersive way, 360º.

Histoire du soldat


While returning to his country, a poor soldier walks with his violin. He finds himself with the Devil, who offers him to change the instrument for a magic book with which he can make a fortune.

Triton Fountain


A city where giants were built receives a visit from an interstellar ship looking for its’ memories. A fountain that doesn’t sprout, flying objects, fire and torches.

La Bohème


In the nineteenth century and now. The city as a space of survival. A tribute to lost youth.

Il Trovatore


A long and exhausting war of trenches where wanders a ghostly human landscape.



Taking the concept of cultural diversity as a conceptual starting point, Manes develops different metaphors about basic elements of birth, death, sex and food. This performance continues investigation the essence of “Furan language”.

Carmina Burana

Music and theatre, a show of senses, vital and energetic that is aimed at a new audience, from music lovers to fans of the performance arts. More information is available on the official website.


Dreams is a project that aims to stage a ludic-therapeutic element through the theatrical action called “Human Net”.