Eternity, darkness, chaos, infinity, everything and nothing.

Human Seed


The kernels from the flower of life begin to grow and humanity germinated from the human seeds.

Triton Fountain


A city where giants were built receives a visit from an interstellar ship looking for its’ memories. A fountain that doesn’t sprout, flying objects, fire and torches.

Gallo de Fogo

Gallo de Fogo is a show specially created and designed for the Pepsi Twist Land 2017 in Praia, Brazil. The Fura dels Baus will experiment during the 6 days of the festival at the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

Un paseo de veinte años


Un paseo de veinte años specially designed for the Festival Etnosur in Alcalá la Real (Jaén), one of the oldest summer proposals of Spain. A walk through these twenty years of  experiences. A great theatrical dance that will tour the city and includes the cosmic awakening of a giant doll

A Journey Beyond Time


Drawing inspiration from the Singapore River itself, the show will pay tribute to Singapore with a street theatre production that revolves around the country’s transformation and growth.

Infierno Sabroso


With a show especially created for Just for laughs Festival, La Fura Dels Baus invites you to a unique and unforgettable journey. La Place des festivals will be the setting of a downward spiral to hell: off-beat, disproportionate and festive. Gigantic 50 meters-high net, oversized Ferris wheel and an enormous

Turn On The Lights


Turn on the Lights is an eminent visual and poetic act that combines kinetic images and vibrant sounds. It will represent the process of the inner search within the human being, the awareness about the process that, day after day, will help the human being to conceive the world with a

Mediterrani, Mar Olímpic

Millions of people, on all five continents, watched live what was considered one the best inaugural ceremonies in the history of the Olympic Games: with the instantly recognizable stamp of La Fura dels Baus.


The first macro-performance developed by La Fura for a commercial brand (Pepsi). More than 10,000 people watched live the evolutions of a giant marionette that interacted with various staging elements on a large scale.


La Fura developed this macro-performance as a commission for Mercedes-Benz (it was performed in 21 European cities). It presented a new car model using the four natural elements: air, fire, earth and water.


The Furamobile, a sculptural apparatus that strives to integrate itself into the urban environment, requires the participation of the public to endow it with the energy necessary to travel about. An allegory on the functioning of the organism.

L’home del mil·lenni

At the millenium’s end, La Fura received a commission from Airtel (Vodafone) to organize a massive party in the center of Barcelona. The result was a macro-performance that exceeds all expectations for audience: more than 100,000 people participated in the event.

La navaja en el ojo

The extraordinary architecture by Santiago Calatrava in the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias was the landscape, and in large part the support medium, for a macro-performance based on the seven deadly sins that was created for the Biennal de Valencia.

La divina comèdia

This macro-performance was presented in Florence, Dante’s homeland, for the Clasico Italia competition, and recreated some of the key points of The Divine Comedy using large staging elements that, from that point on, would become part of the imagery of La Fura dels Baus.


Naumon is not a performance, but rather the sum of all the performances have this unusual setting, a boat, as the axis of their journey. Naumon was presented as a platform capable of offering different contents, adapted to different messages, cultures and occasions.


Telecom Italia Mobile wanted to present its 3G mobile telephones at a gala dinner in Bilbao, complete with an exclusive performance. La Fura dels Baus was commissioned to create the performance.

Mundial ciclismo 2007

For the inauguration of the World Track Cycling Championship, La Fura conceived and developed a large-scale performance that brought together the symbols of this international competition with the symbols that represent the Balearic Islands.


This macro-performance, celebrating the end of the jubilee year in Liébana, Cantabria, is the only one to date staged in a natural park. La Fura dels Baus used the landscape’s own characteristics as large scenic elements on which they developed their piece.

Dreams in Flight

The concept of this action is based in the space relation between a cube-room and the dream consequences that come out of the will of the couple living in it.

Orbis Vitae 1a. Parte


A macro-performance developed in three parts: three different dates and three different spaces.

I) 18-01-2009: “The Search”, between the streets Enrique Foster and Apoquindo – Santiago – Chile

Orbis Vitae 2a. Parte


Un macroespectáculo desarrollado en tres partes: tres fechas diferentes y tres espacios distintos.
II) 25-01-2009: “El Encuentro”, bandejón central de la Alameda enfrente de “La Moneda” – Santiago de Chile – Chile

Orbis Vitae 3a. Parte


Un macroespectáculo desarrollado en tres partes: tres fechas diferentes y tres espacios distintos.
III) 01-02-2009 “Creación Cu”, ruinas de Huanchaca – Antofagasta – Chile

The Beat in the Dark

The beat in the dark is the beating of the forest. A show in the center of the Danube river in the city of Budapest, when the night is falling down, when the beasts are moving back.

The Experience

A rite invented now, with the memory of our own culture, together with the memory learnt from other people. A modern ritual that wants to be object to learn how touching things.

Flores Cósmicas

Flores Cósmicas is not only an urban performance, but also the biggest street showcasing of the two greatest artistic creators of the moment: La Fura dels Baus and Comediants.


A show full of lights and colours where count with were accompanied bay the the Orchestra Viva Musica, the choir ALEA, and the soprano Adriana Kučerová for the inaugurations of the most modern gallery in Bratislava.

Window of the City

“Window of the City” is a show especially created for the Shanghai Universal Exposition. Based on the theme ” Better City, Better Life “, we have created a trip across the time and the space in which we discover that the key to improve the cities is the interaction between

Global Rheingold

Global Rheingold is a tribute to Richard Wagner with a nod to the cartographer Gerhard Mercator, who lived in Duisburg from 1552 until his death in 1594 and where he created the main part of his life’s work. At the same time, the show includes the Concordias’s giant figure of


Event commemorating the 550 anniversary of the death of a great navigator: the Infante Don Enrique. A show made for travel around the great discoveries.


La Fura, and the Ukrainian theater group Brakha Dhaka, opens the IV Festival of Contemporary Art, Gogolfest. Multiverse represents the multiple universes that constitute a single unit in which time, space, energy and matter are merged.


The show has two different parts: outdoor and indoor. For the outdoor,we will be based on the following concepts: balance, gravity, magic and harmony. In the inside part, we will represent the four seasons that Vremena Goda has in its name.

Rainbow Drops

Rainbow Drops is a show with a will of union to relate the Korean culture and Mediterranean culture. Through using huge set elements, we will recreate, symbolically, two different ways of living and of understanding the world. Many lives, many styles blended in a great party.

Prometheus Awakes

Prometheus Awakes will inspire audiences with extraordinary stagecraft, giant puppets, mass choreography and special effects. Prometheus Awakes will be the first ever large-scale outdoor theatre production in this country that is led by disabled artists.

The Hidden City

Music, light and action, there,  between an unwanted building and a megalomaniac and cannibal city that persists, surviving, eternal, as always.

Tempo de Encontros

O ”Berço da nação” é o ponto de partida para uma reflexão no sentido indutivo sobre a identidade,sobre a memória e sobre o futuro. Uma reflexão que parte da cidade, da sua História e das sua histórias, dos seus habitantes e que se abre numa perspectiva internacional e global retornando


The God Vulcano of 9 meters of height, inspired by Roman mythology, god of fire and volcanoes reached the Olympic torch to light the fire of the Central American Games.

Ein Parzival

In occasion of the 200th birthday of the composer Richard Wagner, La Fura dels Baus will held the Festival opening Musiktheater Linz am Volksgarten with their macro-show Ein Parzival inspired by Wagner’s Ring of Nibelung.

La memoria del grito

Remake of the most spectacular actions created at the beginning of the Company merged with the latest sceneries for great format aerial operations.

L’Ésser del Mil·lenni

For the 2013 New Year’s Eve celebration, La Fura organize a massive party in Barcelona. The result was a macro-performance that exceeds all expectations for audience: more than 70,000 people participated in the event. 


Dreams is a project that aims to stage a ludic-therapeutic element through the theatrical action called “Human Net”.

Human Net

The Human Net is the name La Fura dels Baus has chosen to refer to a theatrical element capable of generating aerial choreography in which a large number of participants are involved.