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Free Bach 212

Work in Progress

A free version of the Baukernkantate (Peasant Cantata) BWV.212 of JS Bach. A timeless treat. Burlesque, comedy. Social criticism. The invitation to the worldly pleasures. Together, they are concepts that seem far removed from the musical expressions of ancient times. As encounters between different disciplines and styles of music, the crossed roads blend with contrasting speeches in one motion.

Johan Sebastian Bach and his Peasant Cantata BWV 212 is a fine weapon to dismantle this belief. This last known cantata is precisely a sampler of various possibilities that connect and build a plural and particularly effective formula. Released in a castle in 1742. Consisting of a ruler and tax collector who climbed to power who literally praises and criticizes its oligarchic structure and cohabits in absolutely parallel worlds. With the use of songs and dance mixed with noble court structures and insinuating seductions, carnal and alcoholic pleasures, Bach extends us a hand that crosses 273 years to invite us to the table, a cantata that ends in a tavern where the beer is the unifying brew. The treat is served.

La Fura dels Baus and Divine Mysteria serve this spectacle with new interdisciplinary crossings where electronic music, multimedia image, flamenco and contemporary poetics of the show want to give new meaning to modern audiences: a timeless and inherent to the provision of the BWV.212 Peasant Cantata, to move and delight without barriers or limitations.


Il Trovatore


A long and exhausting war of trenches where wanders a ghostly human landscape.

1-002 baja

Infierno Sabroso


With a show especially created for Just for laughs Festival, La Fura Dels Baus invites you to a unique and unforgettable journey. La Place des festivals will be the setting of a downward spiral to hell: off-beat, disproportionate and festive. Gigantic 50 meters-high net, oversized Ferris wheel and an enormous


Pelléas et Mélisande


Conceived as an impossible accumulation of questions and answers, this staging materializes in the form of a black box: the great enigma, in fact, modern metaphor of the human mind.

cants de sirena-031

Cantos de Sirena


Music is particularly aware of this potency, directly targeting human senses and emotions. The new music theater production by La Fura dels Baus tells of the siren’s call in an unreal fantasy world, just as theatre naturally conjures up time and again.

murs fura



The first smartshow history illustrates the most prominent features of the cities of the future, the coveted smart cities.



Keeping the names of the main characters of the novel Les Liaisons dangereuses, Heiner Müller wrote a version of this work to talk about control, manipulation, power and the distance from the decadent aristocracy from the world surrounding it.




A video installation related to success and failure. Free electronic version based on The Soldier’s Tale. Music from Igor Stravinsky. Texts by Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz.